Modern Kitchen Design

There is truly nothing quite like a luxury, modern kitchen to bring a sophisticated and elegant feel into your home.

At J.S. Geddes, we specialise in both the design and installation of modern kitchens. Our expert and dedicated team understands just how much a modern kitchen can add to the look and feel of a home. The perfect complement to a newly built home, our luxury kitchens are designed with you in mind from start to finish. Whatever requirements you desire from your modern kitchen, our bespoke service allows for you to style and implement to suit your every need.

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neutral-toned Callerton Kitchens by J.S. Geddes featuring light beige units and dark wooden finishes

What's considered a modern kitchen?

From sleek worktops to stylish appliances, at J.S. Geddes we specialise in open spaces, minimalist features and bespoke colour palettes to make your new modern kitchen uniquely your own.

From the first meeting in our showroom to the final installation of your new kitchen, our team will be with you every step of the way to turn your dream modern kitchen into reality. Whether you need a family hub or a space to host, your new kitchen will deliver on all fronts.

What is a modern look for a kitchen?

When designing a modern kitchen, at J.S. Geddes we understand that it's important to get the most use possible out of the available space whilst ensuring that the appliances and materials used are both high quality and long lasting.

We offer kitchens and appliances from a number of brands, giving you a variety of stylistic options to choose from. No matter the size or shape of your kitchen, we can help bring a beautiful modern touch to it, making it a great centrepiece for any accommodation with a luxury touch.

Poggenpohl Kitchens

The world’s oldest kitchen brand, Poggenpohl focusses on minimalist designs that emphasise a kitchen’s open space and avoids clutter, stylistic choices that are at home in many modern interiors. Heavily focussing on a high contrast black & white colour scheme allows Poggenpohl kitchens to stand out, making them excellent additions to a home for those looking to give their kitchen a modern styling.

Poggenpohl Kitchens

Callerton Kitchens

Focussing on more design-led kitchens, the Callerton kitchen comes in a range of styles, including a variety of modern styles that would fit in seamlessly in any modern interior. A great choice for emphasising space management alongside a striking modern visual style, no matter the design you choose to focus on for your kitchen.

Callerton Kitchens

The Geddes Kitchen Collection

Our own personal collection, created by working with our partners in Germany - the Geddes Collection focusses on unique finishes as well as utilising exclusive materials, which are professionally produced in Germany to display modern styling. Our kitchens are both functional and stylish and make an excellent addition to modern homes due to the sleek designs on display as well as the high-quality materials we utilize.

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Modern Kitchen Appliances

Our modern kitchen appliances are specially designed to blend seamlessly into your kitchen without compromising on functionality. We offer a range of appliances from a number of manufacturers. from fridge freezers to coffee machines. No modern kitchen is complete without a range of high-quality modern appliances. These appliances are designed to maximise the use of available space, so you do not have to compromise on space within your kitchen. Wall-installed appliances add to the modern feel of a home, further emphasising modern designs and providing an air of luxury.

Modern Kitchen Design by J.S. Geddes

Discover our range of recent kitchen design and installation projects across Scotland.

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