With a heritage spanning over 110 years, Poggenpohl kitchens embody meticulous craftsmanship and timeless style. From selecting the finest finishes to incorporating cutting-edge design, every aspect is thoughtfully considered to deliver a kitchen that stands the test of time. 

As experts in Poggenpohl kitchen design and installation, J.S. Geddes works closely with our clients to craft bespoke solutions tailored to your space and lifestyle.

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Signature Concepts

Dark Wood and Light Marble Poggenpohl Luxury German Kitchen Designs


Characterised by its modern appearance, the +SEGMENTO range features precise lines and impressive functionality. Its linear design offers versatility, allowing for minimalist, opulent interpretations based on material and colour choices.

Poggenpohl Modo Range Luxury Modern Kitchen Design Marble Worktop with Glasswear placed on top


Experience the dynamic dimensions of the +MODO design concept, where pull-out shelves and a floating appearance create a visually stunning and structurally sophisticated construction. The interplay between worktops and cabinets forms an exhilarating space, perfect for showcasing utensils and personal accessories.


Embrace a sense of freedom with +VENOVO, where your kitchen will seem to float effortlessly. Supported by sleek metal frames, the freestanding cabinets and their interiors ascend into the air. Ideal for dynamic urban settings, this award-winning design transcends conventional boundaries, seamlessly merging with functional living spaces.

More Than Just a Kitchen

Designing a kitchen is about more than functionality; it’s about enhancing our lives practically and emotionally.

At J.S. Geddes, we infuse technical expertise, excellent materials and creative artisanship into every Poggenpohl kitchen design we create, ensuring an inspiring result. With a diverse range of colours and exquisite finishes, we guarantee all tastes and styles are catered to.


Colours & Materials

Just like pieces in a collage, colours and materials come together to evoke unique moods in your kitchen. Explore a range of possibilities, from classic tones like white, grey and black to hues inspired by scenic landscapes, all complemented by trendy accents.


Front Panels

Selecting front panels for your Poggenpohl kitchen adds a unique character to the space. Classic options offer smooth, minimalist designs with timeless accents, available in a range of finishes from matte to glossy. Choose from fluted glass for a transparent feel, wood surfaces with natural textures or metallic finishes for a touch of sophistication. Alternatively, opt for front panels treated with intricate spatula techniques for a truly distinctive look.



Our worktops feature superior natural stones and metals, offering an expressive appearance that ranges from powerful to delicate depending on thickness and volume. Processed sustainably, these materials can be seamlessly folded around the entire kitchen island upon request. Easy-to-clean surfaces ensure practicality, while their calm finishes evoke a pleasant sense of relaxation and restoration.

Poggenpohl Kitchen Planning with J.S. Geddes

While honoured as the UK’s Best Kitchen Retailer eight times, at J.S. Geddes, our true currency is value. We prioritise excellence in design, installation expertise and aftercare, ensuring each kitchen delivers unparalleled value.

Experience Poggenpohl kitchens firsthand at our Ayrshire showroom or speak to our expert designers over the phone to discuss your project and bring your dream kitchen to life.

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“Rarely do you deal with a company that exceed our expectations. The team at J S Geddes did this in every department from design through to installation the level of professionalism was outstanding. The project was to combine kitchen utility room and dinning room into one space. The result we absolutely love”

David King, Client

Quick Answers

As kitchen designers, it is always a pleasure to work with the finest sourced materials. With every kitchen design, we endeavour to turn your dream Poggenhpohl kitchen into the reality of your daily life.

The renowned German characteristics of high standard and precision are evident in every handleless kitchen door, cabinet and surface they manufacture, utilising solid wood, metals, veneers & other luxury materials for the finest of finishes. Both functional and beautifully styled, Poggenpohl kitchens provide design opportunities that we relish every time we start out on a new kitchen project.

With a German Kitchen, you won’t be disappointed with the quality and design they offer. The cost of a Poggenpohl kitchen is valued with the integration of unrivalled engineering traditions – German kitchens are known for their engineering as well as in their design and heritage… it’s a national characteristic after all!

High-end, luxe or luxury kitchens deserve their hefty price tags. With bespoke German kitchen cabinetry, intelligent lighting, natural stone and real wood finishes, the cost of a Poggenpohl kitchen can be from £30,000+ for a fully designed and installed ultimate luxury kitchen.

Poggenpohl kitchens are designed to last for decades, from drawer runners to door hinges. Crafted with exceptional quality in our German facility, each detail ensures longevity. Our drawers are renowned for strength, built with robust materials and joints. Even concealed runners use roller bearings for extended life and smooth operation. Every aspect reflects our commitment to durability, without compromising on style or aesthetics.

Sustainable, natural wood.

Wood is always a delightful choice for a kitchen, imparting the warmth and appeal of a natural material. Many of Poggenpohl’s range of wood finishes are sourced from Poggenpohl’s home country, Germany, and all the woods that we use are produced using sustainable methods.

To clean high grade gloss acrylic cabinetry use a wet cloth with mild soap and water. Use only a clean, micro-fiber cloth, chamois or other very soft cloth. Do not use paper towels, brushes, scourers or scrapers. Never dry wipe.

The Features You Need to Create a Luxury Kitchen

  1. Fully Integrated Refrigerator and Freezer.
  2. An Open Layout For Cooking and Entertaining.
  3. Hidden Trash and Recycling.
  4. Handleless Cabinets That Amaze.
  5. Flooring That Looks Great for Years.
  6. High-Performance Appliances.
  7. Impressive Countertops.
  8. Smart-Home Features For Ease of Use.
  9. Use a design service that listens to your kitchen ideas.