Rose Collection Poggenpohl Luxury German Kitchen Designs

Luxury German Poggenpohl Kitchens

Ranked among Porsche & BMW in Germany’s top luxury brands, Poggenpohl creates the most sought-after kitchens in the world. When Friedemir Poggenpohl founded the company in 1892, his goal was simple: “to improve the kitchen”. Over 125 years later, Poggenpohl continues to achieve this ambition, creating products with exceptional style, detail and craftsmanship.

Poggenpohl Kitchen Design

Pairing their Scottish roots with UAE style, our recent work with clients recently returning to the country allowed us to utilise Poggenpohl cabinetry and kitchen design to its fullest.

Featuring textured doors and a stunning kitchen island, the end results speak for themselves.

Poggenpohl Kitchen Design

What are Poggenpohl cabinets made from?

As kitchen designers, it is always a pleasure to work with the best quality sourced materials. With every kitchen design, we endeavour to turn your dream Poggenhpohl kitchen into the reality of your daily life.

The renowned German characteristics of high quality and precision are evident in every handleless kitchen door, cabinet and surface they manufacture, utilising solid wood, metals, veneers & other luxury materials for the finest of finishes. Both functional and beautifully styled, Poggenpohl kitchens provide design opportunities that we relish every time we start out on a new kitchen project.

Kitchens by JS Geddes has been voted best UK Kitchen Retailer of the Year on seven separate occasions now, but the only unit of currency that matters to us is value.

The design service we offer, the expertise of our installation team and the aftercare service we provide are a massive part of the value we bring to each kitchen we design. From modern to classic, the price we agree will deliver value. Seven times the UK’s best, we’re confident in our ability to turn your ideas, inspiration and dreams into the kitchen space you have long sought.

“It is a pleasure to work alongside Kitchens by J.S. Geddes. As one of Poggenpohl’s most longstanding partners in the UK, this multi-award winning business leads the way with inspirational design, meticulous attention to detail and unrivalled customer service.”

Sharon Wallis, MD of Poggenpohl UK

Dark Wood and Light Marble Poggenpohl Luxury German Kitchen Designs

Luxury German Kitchens

All of our German Poggenpohl kitchens come in a fantastic range of colours and exquisite finishes – we can pretty much guarantee that all tastes, colour palettes and styles will be satisfied.

Quality is never compromised, help is always on hand and budget will influence all. Both Poggenpohl and the exclusive Geddes Collection kitchen ranges are precision-engineered in Germany from new kitchen designs made in Scotland.

With a German Kitchen, you won’t be disappointed with the quality and design they offer. The cost of a Poggenpohl kitchen is valued with the integration of unrivalled engineering traditions – German kitchens are known for their engineering as well as in their design and heritage… it’s a national characteristic after all!

High-end, luxe or luxury kitchens deserve their hefty price tags. With bespoke German kitchen cabinetry, intelligent lighting, natural stone and real wood finishes, the cost of a Poggenpohl kitchen can be from £30,000+ for a fully designed and installed ultimate luxury kitchen.

Poggenpohl expects its kitchens to work faultlessly for decades after installation. So from our drawer runners to door hinges, we build our kitchens to last. At our production facility in Herford, Germany, we aim for unsurpassed quality in every detail, down to the smooth, seamless hand-finish on doors and surfaces.

Our drawers are renowned for their strength and the ability to withstand a lifetime of hard use. The materials we use to create them are enormously strong, as are the jointing techniques we employ. Even the concealed runners beneath the drawer use roller bearings instead of ball bearings, as this means longer life and a smoother glide for years longer than an ordinary drawer. Every aspect of a Poggenpohl kitchen reveals the same perfectionist approach. Of course all of this long-lasting life is matched only by the style and aesthetic qualities.

Sustainable, natural wood.

Wood is always a delightful choice for a kitchen, imparting the warmth and appeal of a natural material. Many of Poggenpohl’s range of wood finishes are sourced from Poggenpohl’s home country, Germany, and all the woods that we use are produced using sustainable methods.

To clean high quality gloss acrylic cabinetry use a wet cloth with mild soap and water. Use only a clean, micro-fiber cloth, chamois or other very soft cloth. Do not use paper towels, brushes, scourers or scrapers. Never dry wipe.

The Features You Need to Create a Luxury Kitchen

  1. Fully Integrated Refrigerator and Freezer.
  2. An Open Layout For Cooking and Entertaining.
  3. Hidden Trash and Recycling.
  4. Handleless Cabinets That Amaze.
  5. Flooring That Looks Great for Years.
  6. High-Performance Appliances.
  7. Impressive Countertops.
  8. Smart-Home Features For Ease of Use.
  9. Use a design service that listens to your kitchen ideas.