Exceptional kitchen furniture requires appliances to match, so we source only superior-level products from the most renowned manufacturers.

Kitchen appliance brands such as Siemens, Miele and Gaggenau lead the way in technology and design, ensuring cooking is an experience rather than an effort. Seamlessly blending into your surroundings, intuitive appliances and technology will create results which will transform family mealtimes and impress guests.

Siemens Kitchen Technology

Innovation, Inspiration & Brilliance

Pioneering innovative technology, Siemens creates brilliantly engineered and connected appliances to inspire a life less ordinary. Providing unrivalled user experience, Siemens products are defined by intuitive features, superior functionality and elegant design. Created to transform your cooking experience and kitchen ambience, Siemens built-in appliances offer premium materials, user-friendly controls and extensive capabilities to make life more convenient and more pleasurable.

Miele Kitchen Appliances

Creativity, Simplicity & Possibility

Embodying first-class product quality and German engineering, Miele continuously renews their 120 year old brand promise to be “Immer Besser” – forever better. Offering strikingly clean design without any distracting features and absolutely no complicated controls, Miele sets new standards in kitchen appliances. Combining vision with precision, Miele appliances allow you to enjoy a new level of effortlessness in your kitchen, while giving free rein to your creativity.

Kitchen Technology by Gaggenau

Craftsmanship, Heritage & Performance

For over 300 years, Gaggenau has been bridging innovation with intuition. Their aim is to enable private chefs to bring their visions to life by developing extraordinary kitchen tools, crafted from puristic materials of stainless steel and glass. With avant-garde yet timeless design, each Gaggenau appliance for baking, cooking, cooling or ventilating is skilfully hand-built to offer excellent performance and longevity.

Functional Aesthetics

Rediscover the Art of Cooking

Indulge in the art of cooking and entertaining with our exquisite range of integrated appliances, or opt for standalone luxury appliances that make a statement in your kitchen.

From keeping your champagne perfectly chilled with Gaggenau cooling systems, to wowing guests with a Siemens built-in fully automatic espresso machine, or creating culinary wonders with a Miele Dialog Oven, our collection goes beyond the ordinary. Discover appliances that reflect your refined taste and enhance your culinary experiences.

Ovens: Steam, Combi & Dialog

Discover a world of culinary possibilities with our range of built-in steam, combination and Dialog ovens. From functionality to aesthetics, our ovens impress on every level, ensuring that every dish you create is a masterpiece. Our built-in ovens are installed independently of the hob, providing greater flexibility in kitchen design.

Equipped with the latest technologies, such as self-cleaning features and intelligent sensors, we supply ovens that make cooking effortless and enjoyable. With integrated cookbook programmes, you can cook your favourite dishes to perfection with just the touch of a button.

Induction Hobs & Ventilation

Elevate your cooking experience with our sleek and efficient hobs from leading appliance brands such as Siemens, Gaggenau and Miele. With intelligent sensors, integrated ventilation and versatile cooking zones, these hobs make preparing any dish a breeze.

Designed for flexibility, they seamlessly fit into any kitchen layout, whether installed independently or integrated. Choose from induction, gas or teppanyaki options to tailor your cooking space to your preferences.

Vacuum & Warming Drawers

Complete your new kitchen with our speciality warming drawers from Siemens. Ideal for sous vide cooking to preserve nutrients and enrich flavours, these drawers assist in meal preparation and keeping dishes warm.

Whether installed separately or in combination with your ovens, warming drawers offer unmatched convenience and functionality for culinary enthusiasts.

Short & Long Term Wine Storage

Preserve your prized wine collection with our short and long-term storage options. From wine fridges by Gaggenau, Siemens and Miele to custom-built wine racks and walk-in wine rooms, we offer solutions to suit every need.

Our wine storage solutions are designed to not only preserve and protect your wines but also to showcase them in style. Whether you're a casual wine lover or a dedicated connoisseur, our climate-controlled cabinets ensure that your wines are stored at their optimal conditions, ready to be savoured at any moment.


Discover our range of dishwashers that are designed to seamlessly integrate into any kitchen interior. Whether under-counter, free-standing, semi-integrated or built-in, we have the perfect dishwasher for your needs.

Engineered to provide exceptional care for your crockery and glassware, our dishwashers feature advanced technologies like Zeolite by Gaggenau for superior drying performance and smooth-running rails for secure storage.

Coffee Machines

Enjoy barista-quality beverages customised to your taste preferences with our range of coffee machines, supplied by Siemens. Their fully automatic bean-to-cup coffee machines promise more than just a drink; they offer moments of pure enjoyment, featuring sleek designs and innovative aroma technology for unmatched coffee precision.

Indulge in features like silent bean grinding, perfect milk frothing and personalised cup settings, available in stylish free-standing models or seamlessly built-in options for a cohesive kitchen aesthetic.


Explore the modern conveniences of our refrigerators, freezers and coolers from Gaggenau, Siemens and Miele. These appliances boast various smart innovations, including consistent temperature and humidity on every level, defrost-free operation, quiet and economic performance, and more.

Crafted with superior quality, enduring design and unmatched performance, they meet the high standards of a luxury kitchen.

Our Luxury Kitchens

At J.S. Geddes, every kitchen is equipped with top-of-the-line, high-end appliances from leading brands, complemented by world-class aftercare. Your dedicated designer will customise your appliance selection to match your lifestyle, guaranteeing that your kitchen design provides the amenities and culinary control you desire. 

Start your kitchen redesign journey today by scheduling an in-person or phone consultation with one of our experts.

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“The team at Kitchens by J.S. Geddes have developed the business to become the most successful kitchen studio not only in Scotland but across the UK. The bedrock of this award-winning success is built on a reputation for providing first-class customer service, combined with an eye for truly inspirational design.”

Simon Richmond, Director of Gaggenau