A luxury kitchen can be a great investment for your home and vastly improve your way of life. As well as being highly practical, a luxury kitchen can also give you and your family many years of enjoyment. With added style, comfort and the effortless use of cutting-edge technology, you can have a gorgeous kitchen that boasts elegance and sophistication regardless of the design. A luxury kitchen can be designed any way that you want, whether you decide on a classic, traditional, shaker, or modern kitchen, the choice is endless. Nowadays, a kitchen is utilised for more than simply cooking, it is also used for gatherings, family activities, socialising, and yearly celebrations or events. Your kitchen is one of the most widely used rooms within your home and therefore, you want your kitchen to be both attractive and robust given the volume of usage. Because of this, J.S. Geddes Kitchens Ayrshire only employs the best craftsmen and the highest quality materials in our workshop. We carefully craft your luxury kitchen with care and precision to meet all of your requirements and specifications. With a wide range of options for materials, colours, textures, finishes, cabinets and furniture, etc., we can design the luxury kitchen of your dreams.

What is a luxury kitchen? 

A luxury kitchen is created especially for you from the finest quality materials available. A luxury kitchen will have flawless construction, bespoke designs, precise measurements, and the most recent technology in contrast to standard and ready-made kitchens. Utilising the most cutting-edge appliances can also improve the efficiency of your kitchen, adding to its functionality and opulence. A luxury kitchen is both incredibly functional and offers excellent space-saving techniques and innovative storage options. At J.S. Geddes Ayrshire, we can assist you in creating your ideal luxury kitchen from planning to design, gathering all your needs and ideas to help you create a kitchen that is both stunning and efficient. 

 Some great ways to achieve a luxury kitchen include: 

Painted and Custom Cabinets 

A good approach to ensure that you receive the precise look you want is with bespoke cabinets. You will be able to accommodate practically any size or space while maximising your available space to improve your storage options. With bespoke cabinets, your exact measurements will be used so you don’t need to worry about awkward corners or tight spaces.  

By choosing to have your cabinets hand painted, you can be assured that the finishing results will be smooth and even with no patches or missing sections. The correct kind of painting for your kitchen cabinets can also help to bring out the natural grain in the wood and make the room look detailed and stunning.

Handleless Designs  

Handleless designs are a terrific way to make your kitchen look more spacious and organised. Handleless doors and cabinets can be fitted to almost any style of kitchen. They are great for conserving space and concealing equipment, giving your kitchen a cleaner and more open appearance. Handleless cabinets are also a safer option for families with young children as they can prevent children from accessing cabinets or catching and hurting themselves on protruding handles. 

Practical Flooring 

A luxury kitchen should have strong, durable flooring that matches your kitchen cabinets and furniture. It is a good idea to research different materials before you decide on which one to choose for your flooring as they all have different pros and cons,  some can be more porous than others and challenging to maintain. For example, many luxury kitchens have stone and tile floors as they are easy to clean and maintain whilst being highly durable.

Different Lighting Options

The mood and appearance of your kitchen space are greatly influenced by the lighting. There should be many lighting options in a luxury kitchen in various regions of the space. Different contrasts should be present in your kitchen, and if strategically positioned,  they can provide the impression of more open space. Task lighting and LED lighting are popular lighting options. With different types of lighting, you can change the atmosphere of your kitchen to suit your mood or highlight your cabinetry and floors. 

Here at J.S. Geddes Ayrshire, we can help you find the perfect cabinets, flooring, lighting and appliances for your ultimate luxury kitchen.  From the planning to the design and installation process, we will work closely with you throughout each step to ensure that all of your individual needs and requirements are met.

If you would like any more information about how we can help you to achieve your luxury kitchen, please do not hesitate to contact us here at J.S Geddes Ayrshire. We look forward to hearing from you.